Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Journal 9 by Cole

     Throughout the reading thus far, I have enjoyed Marat Kogut's profile the most. He had aspired to be an NBA referee. I found it interesting that he wanted to be an official more than a player. "Most kids grow up dreaming that they could hit the game-winning shot of a championship. I was the one that said, ''I want to be the referee that blows the whistle and says the basket was successful."" (Callings 27). I enjoyed this also because I was able to do some research on it. I did not know what it actually took to become one, and it was interesting to learn all about it.
      The most practical career that I am considering is to become an accountant. I believe this is a very safe shooting goal, as I am going to school to become one. I have grown up around it, as my mother has always worked with a lot of numbers at her place of work. It has became an interest of mine, as I have enjoyed math and number work throughout my years. My dream job. however, would be to work in a front office of a professional sports team. I would love to continue on throughout my life working in sports, but I understand that it would not be as easy to get into. I would have a very difficult time trying to get into professional sports. It would be an incredible job, but would also require very large risks to do so.
This is David Griffin, the General Manager of the Cleveland Cavaliers, one of my favorite teams. This would be an incredible job to have.


  1. I think that is so cool. I have the same dilemma as you. I always wanted to be a mechanic, but I decided to go into engineering because of the job security. I feel that a lot of people face this problem and don't get to truly fulfill their dreams.

  2. Being general manager would be very risky. Everything falls on your shoulders at this point and many decisions are placed on the gm's lap. Wrong moves could leave you unemployed.


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