Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Journal 10 by Hannah

Part 1: The profile I chose is the profile with the Neurosurgeon talking with his 8th grade teacher. Towards the beginning, he tells a story about a patient he had who had a tumor which impaired his speech. Then after the patient goes on to tell him "Don't forget to thank your teacher. Make sure you let him know", he explains how much he appreciated his 8th grade teacher. That was the class that helped him figure out that he wanted this job. He was so interested and felt so strong about what he was doing since all the way back in 8th grade. I mean, even the fact that he gave someone back their speech alone is a great example of understanding the entire purpose of this job.
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This is a picture of neurosurgeons looking at, what looks like, a tumor in a brain scan right before surgery. It shows how complicated the job can be, but its so worth it in the end.

Part 2: I chose the profile with Ted the Beekeeper. In this profile, he talks about all of the different floras and honeys, I didn't know what the different floras were and I had no idea there were different kinds of honey. I did more of the vocabulary research, but I found out that the gallberry looks a lot like blueberries and palmettos looks like a tropical leaf. Both of which you can get honey from. I also learned that there are over 300 types of honeys and that they can act as an antibacterial, antiseptic, sweetener, and an antioxidant.


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