Monday, April 17, 2017

Journal 10 By. Brandi

One profile that really hit home for me was in the Philosophers section in Callings about the Neurosurgeon Thanking his old Science Teacher. I felt very passionate about this story, because I can relate to wanting to make a difference in students lives and let them see their full potential. One day when I become a teacher; I want to be that person that my students remember.  I want to be able to teach in a way that will make a postive impact on their lives. The end of the book Lee the Neurosurgeon says " You changed my life! Thank you for allowing me to be where I am. Encouragement and Patience- that makes a difference. I'm your student. Forever" (Lee 181).  This story taught me something about having a purpose for our work, and how a teacher has a certain power over students success in life.
                                          " I'm a teacher . It's my passion. And I'm going to 
                                          help as many people as I can, as long as I can, to 
                                          find their passion, too. Thats something that you gave
                                          me back. I'm so happy that I had you as a student" (Al 181)

While I was reading  Marc Anderson Lawson and his sister Karen Lawson About Their Father, Video Game Inventor Jerry Lawson I felt like I needed to do research on Mad Libs. Marc and his cousin wanted to play video games and His dad made them design a game first. Since Mad Libs was very popular they designed a Mad Libs video game.
Mad Libs is a story game that leaves out Nouns, adjectives, and verbs etc. The players have to fill out the blank space Noun, adjective, verb etc to complete a comical story. The mad Libs game was invented by Leonard Stern. Leonard stern failed the spelling bee because he couldn't spell a certain word. He was so embarrassed that he started learning words and the meaning every night before bed. Through his obsession with learning new vocabulary he started writing for a living. One day Leonard was stuck on one of his book that he was writing. He needed an adjective for a word he was writing for his book. His friend gave him a very funny adjective, and that's when they both discovered they could make a game that could be fun to play at party's. That's how the idea of Mad Libs was invented.Mad Libs

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  1. I think you will make a great teacher and will inspire kids. Thinking creatively will teach them a lot.


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