Sunday, April 16, 2017

Journal 10 by Matt

Throughout this book there have been many amazing people we have read about. Some have found their passion and their "Calling" in jobs that we would sometimes never even think about. Lately i read about a Beekeeper named Clay Culver. This man grew up from a young age always interested in working with bees and their hives. He talked about the rust it gave him and how there wasn't anything more satisfying then closing that top lid on the hive. Growing up on a farm, we always had a Beekeeper come out and put a new hive on our property every year. I thought it was too cool to watch these Beekeepers and always wondered what made these people what to do a job like that. When I read this I though about all the gear they would wear and how they would be out in the hot summer heat. It was cool to be able to related to this story, and get a real perspective from the job. Clay describes it almost as a thrill when he says "Its like rock climbing, or surfing: when you doing it you don't think about anything else"(Isay 188). This made sense to me because I always thought how cool it would be to do that and not get stung. I looked at it almost as a rush too.
Image result for Beekeepers
This is a Beekeeper and as you can see he is not 
wearing gloves in order to stop crushing as

Another Profile I was very interested was Subway conductors. I thought this was a job that was lost over time. When I thought about train conductors, or subway conductors, I thought about the story my grandparents would tell me about how they would always waved as the trains passed intersections. When I read about this I became Intrigued and wanted to learn more. After researching, I found out that conductors do a lot more than just make sure everyones safe. The have jobs such as coupling and uncoupling train cars, Making sure the train is on schedule, barring out routine repairs, and opening and closing train doors. I thought that this job was really cool and I was amazed that they do repairs to the train/subway and couple and, uncouple train cars. This is a job for people that have a love for taking care of people and have a drive to make sure everything runs smoothly.

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  1. I really didn't think that the subway conductors needed to do all that, its really interesting.


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