Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Journal 9 by Alisha

Part One: My favorite profile so far is the sculptor Olga Ayala. This
is my favorite because this woman found her passion by looking up to
her mom. She never thought about doing art for the money or where it
was going to take her in life. This woman looked up to her mother at
young age and started drawing with her and because of that she found
her calling. “So, I look at my art as a living testimony to her. She
was my greatest muse.” (Olga 84) Now Olga dedicates her work to her
mom and she is never going to forget her or where her calling came

Part Two: The most practical career for me is an Animal behaviorist
and therapist. I want to work with large and exotic animals. I’ve
always known that wanted to work with animals but I don’t want sit an
office all day. So, when I found this career option it stood out to
me. I can’t wait to start working with animals and further my career
in this direction. If I was to take a risk, I don’t think I would ever
change my field because I’ve know sense I was little that I wanted to
work with animals. However, I might go to school longer and get my PhD
and try for more opportunities.
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  1. Good idea, more knowledge never hurts. Only to open more doors in life, is the key to success. Keep pushing on and achieve what you call the pursuit of happiness.

  2. I Love animals and it would be so cool to do this career ! Keep working hard !


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