Thursday, April 13, 2017

Comments for Jeremy and Jacob: Athletic Trainers

For your comments on Presentations:

Write about something well done.  What did you learn from this group?  What part of the Presentation seemed the best?

Is there constructive criticism that would help this group?  What might have been more clear?  What part of the Presentation seemed the least polished?

Post comments for this group below this post, please, as we all need feedback, and it's valuable.

Okay he's not injured but I just had to say O-H!
Here is a real athletic trainer and an image that actually fits the Presentation.  I-O!


  1. Great intro! Liked your two different paradigm. I can't wait to read the article since you said it could be in the "callings" book. Overall I think you both did a great job presenting and I learned a lot from you both.I liked that you added research to see what sport paid the most for athletic trainers. That was a really cool insight. The only thing thaybi noticed was that you put "what is an athletic trainer?". I felt like that should of been after the intro. I enjoyed seeing you both having passion about the presentation subject you both did a excellent job!

  2. You guys did a great job of presenting this topic. I thought was so cool that you guys had a short video that really showed the inside of this job. I think that you guys could had talked more about the injuries these athletes normally come in with. Overall you guys did an excellent job and really showed you were prepared.

  3. Nice job, I think both of you presented very well. I liked that you provided an article to read, which provided more insight. You almost ran over on time, so I would try to work on cutting out some things that may not be as important. Something that would allow you from going over. Great work overall!

  4. Matt, the injuries were not the main part of the passion of an athletic trainer. Time was not a friend of ours in this project, but all injuries are different and unique in their own way. To this day their are many injuries that are being determined as freak accidents and are very new to the sport world. The injury part of athletic training work would be a great subject to research.

  5. The passion of an athletic trainer is fulfilled when that game winning point is scored after months of training.

  6. I thought this was a great representation of this career field. A little overtime but you sometimes the inofmationn and the passion is worth the few extra seconds just like a buzzer beater ! Nice Job!

  7. This was a good presentation with a lot of information, both talked and knew a lot. The comparison to life was a good point.


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