Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Journal 10 by Ciara

The story in which having a purpose for the job would have to be the artist and educator Sol Aramendi. She was the immigrant who made photography a teaching method for other immigrants trying to fit into their new country. I kind of relate to Sol in the aspect of moving to a new place and not feeling welcome. Photography isn't the first thing that comes to mind when you think of changing lives but Sol made that happen. As her student Cynthia said, "Before I was in your class, I was in a room with a closed door, and you opened the door for me..." (Callings 184). Sol Aramendi changed peoples lives by showing others something that she felt comfort in.
Here's a picture that Sol took. She describes it as decolonization starting at breatfeeding
A career that I found intriguing and wanted to learn more about would have to be the profile on Leonard Berk the salmon slicer.  Before I read his profile I had no idea that being a salmon slicer was even a career choice. In fact when I tried to look it up the only articles that popped up were those covering Leonard. It's amazing to me how Len gave up such a good paying job to earning over a $100 less than what he was earning before. But I guess if you don't love what you're doing then why do it!

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