Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Journal 9 by Kyle Ciballi

Part 1
             My favorite profile so far would have to be the one of the Dentist. For some reason I just really enjoyed his story. One reason I think I liked it so much is that when he was only 12 he has been financially responsible for himself and I thought of when I was 12. When I was 12 , I was in 7th grade playing Xbox and running cross country everyday. Not even a worry to my mind about bringing home income to pay for the house. I also like his story because he signed up with the navy when he was 17 and his mom had to sign for him because he wasn't of age. I had to do the same when I signed up with the national guard because I wasn't old enough either.

Part 2
            The most practical career choice I have in mind is becoming a police officer and completing a degree in Criminology. But the one that dares me to go out of my comfort zone is to be a veterinarian. I think being a vet would be the coolest career in the world. I love animals and would love to work with them everyday. The type of vet I want to be is a zoo vet. They make really good money but I'm in it more for the love and care for exotic animals. How cool would it be to give a nany leopard a vaccination or give a primate a bath. I would just love to care for animals and I love all animals, Especially fat chunky ones ;)

I love pandas one of my favorite animals and I would get to work with them

Look how adorable this baby cheetah is

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  1. I think being a vet would be very cool. My sister rally wants to be involved with animals so I relate.


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