Monday, April 3, 2017

Journal 9 By Ciara

My favorite profile in Callings would have to be the interview between Barbara Moore (Bricklayer) and her daughter Olivia. I chose this profile because it not only shows a woman making it in “a man’s world” but it also highlights a mother creating a path for her daughter. Money was the initial incentive for Barbara pursuing the Bricklayer career field which is sadly the reason most people choose careers. Her dedication and persistence in brick laying not only earned her respect but it also earned her the admiration of her daughter. My favorite quote in this profile would have to be, “Growing up with a mom who was strong both physically and emotionally has had an incredible impact on who I’ve become” (Isay 76). I love this quote because growing up I watched my mom go through hardships and instead of giving up she would always find a way to push through. Seeing that gave me the motivation to pursue all of my goals so I can make her proud.

The most practical career choice for me would have to either be a Pharmacist or something else in the medical field. In all honesty, I hate the thought of being a Pharmacist but, I hate the thought of being a failure even more. It was always instilled in me that I need a job that’ll be around for a long time and it needs to pay well so I never have to struggle. A medical career clearly fits both of those criteria so I can’t complain. My dream job would have to be a Forensic Science Technician! I’ve always found shows like CSI: Miami and Criminal Minds interesting. Clearly a television show and real life are two different things but that doesn’t stop me from dreaming. The thought of helping put a criminal behind bars is intriguing to me.
This is a forensics team searching for a missing woman


  1. I think you would be a great person in the Health field! Pharmacist do make pretty good money! My grandma was a surgical RN for Children's Hospital and made a good living doing that, but she hated going to her job everyday. She didn't like the stress that came with her job and how some doctors would treat their nurse staff. So no matter what you choose; just make sure it's a job you look forward to everyday or most days :)

  2. Keep on working to find your own calling, Very cool career choice for being in forensics!


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