Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Journal 10 by Cole

A profile that I found interest too was Sol Aramendi's, the artist and educator. She had used her passions to teach others, and helped others with similar situations. Her class was about art, which she taught to immigrants in Spanish. Her goal was to help other immigrants feel at home in a new place. She was putting aside her time to help others, which I think is very important. It shows why you need to find a passion in your work. She found enjoyment in art, which allowed her to teach others about it. By doing so, she helped fellow immigrants in the new city of New York. "Now I do believe that I'm a New Yorker. This is my home." (Isay 184).

"Most of the time, immigrants are kind of second-class citizens. We are not welcome in many spaces, or we feel like we are not. So I'm reclaiming spaces that we think are not for us." (Isay 183).
As I was reading, the employment counselor profile required me to dig a little deeper. I was pretty unfamiliar with the career until reading. I had to do some research to see what it would take to become one. It is not the easiest career to get into, and requires some education. Many get a bachelor degree in areas such as psychology or counseling. Graduate work can lead to more opportunities in the field, but require 1-2 more years of education. If one is looking to start their own private practice in the field, they are required to become licensed. You must record 3,000 hours on average of supervised field work. After doing this research, I have gained a new respect for those in the field. It requires an enormous amount of work to be able to help others find a job. 

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  1. Great information on Employment counselor work. I did the same for my part 2 and your description is very good. I also liked the Sol Aramendi's story and believe the theme there can shed light that everyone has their own problems that not everyone knows about. We view others in our own paradigms without getting to know about them.


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