Monday, April 17, 2017

Journal 10 by Chelsea

One story that i really enjoyed was Josh Gippn talks with his grandmother Rose Brudno a bar owner. I feel like bars are important and having a good owner means a lot. A bar is where you go to unwind a lot of times after a hard eek of work. she was a great owner she would help save money and know people get a little crazy sometime and need to have fun. The way she ran her bar is the kind of place i like to go for fun and just a relax atmosphere. Having a safe place for barmaids to work was really important to her. Thats the kind of passion you need to make a successful place.

       I had a wounderful relationship with the community at the bar                                                                                             I knew their kids, I knew their parents. we had a ball (Brudno pg194)

One story that really made me think was the Hospice Chaplin Issan Koyama. this story is a strong passion to help others and help their passing easier no matter what that can cost you. looking at Hospice Chaplin support medical care through spiritual and emotional help. Just being with someone and making them feel better as there life comes to an end. You have to have a masters degree in studies such as pasture studies.A lot of places require the pasture to be ordained. The emotional tow it has it difficult for many people. You have to have a love for people and care about their life. As Issan said " I really feel the supported by the legacy of their lives. It keeps you going" ( Issan pg 116)

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