Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Journal Nine Jeremy Johnson

     My favorite reading in the Callings thus far, being the Marat being the NBA referee.  I am very into basketball, it is my second love in life.  The way Marat has taken the negative reflection from his mother saying, "Who's going to take a guy who's going to be a referee?" and he pushed to do what his passion is.  I can relate to his push to stay in basketball even though he didn't go to the NBA as a player, he still pushed to be in the NBA as a ref.  I never grew as tall as I wanted to obtain a career in the NBA, and for this loss I just continue to coach and instill my passion into others whom love the game.
     To obtain a degree and pursue a career in Business Management Human Resourse Consultant, would be safe for me.  All through high school I took business classes and even after high school I did some jobs where leadership was a must.  I believe I obtain the personal and social skills to be a good Manager consultant.  A lot of colleagues follow my lead in many activities, as well as friends that always ask my opinion on many difficult decision makings of their own lives.  My passion; However, would lie in being a physical trainer.  Helping those in need of extra motivation would be an accomplishing job for me.  It would be risky for the fact that I would be traveling a lot and family life would be rough.  Dedication would be more toward others and their families, being on call to assess injury would be priority over spending quality time with family.
helping complete strength training.

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