Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Journal 10 Jeremy Johnson

     Reading Dave Isay, The Purpose and Passion of Work CALLINGS, was very inspiring and directional with life values.  I really loved the Salmon Slicer story starting on page 195.  Leonard "Len" Berk age 85 talks with his friend Joshua Gubitz, 46 about his retired career choice.  He decided to work for a store he had been a customer to for many years and never had his salmon sliced. Yet, he became the stores Salmon slicer working on that perfect slice of salmon. I love how he takes so much pride in what he is doing in his life at this point. Even saying on page 197, "Yeah, I want to spend the rest of my life doing exactly what I'm doing: I want to slice salmon." I'm working toward the perfect slice (Isay 197).  Showing that it's not about money or other's paradigms, but your own recognition to the pride that you can instill in your own everyday life.

Machine used to slice salmon to perfection.

     I also liked the story Starting on page 216, talking about the employment counselor.  Helping young individuals is also a passion of mine.  In todays society I believe we have lost touch on shaping our future that starts with those whom come after us.  To obtain a job in this broad field a masters is not required by some, yet , it is recommended by most.  A simple high school diploma or GED is accepted at lower salary waged jobs in this field.  For those with no degree, a certificate can be needed to apply for this job. As of 2014 Salary is just shy of $54,000 and growing with demand of this job. Clinical counselors and school psychiatrists making most of the money weighing in at about $77,000 a year.  The passion of this job is to provide a path for those who are lost in life.  Being lost is not always bad, sometimes you just need that one special someone who is trained to help you find what your passions are and help you elaborate on them to shape your future.

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  1. Leonard's profile was very interesting. He decided to give up his accounting career and found something that he truly enjoyed doing, giving up a lot of money along the way.


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