Thursday, January 12, 2017

Welcome to our Blog!

Hello students,and welcome to our Blog.

Our goal today is to become members, write our first post, and learn to respond to others on this blog.  Basically this first post will help us get to know each other, and begin a good habit to use blog writing and its features.

Here's the prompt, and you'll also find this information and more on the handout I give to you in class.


--For your first post on our blog, write a paragraph where you introduce yourself, tell us some things that help us know you more, and share a fun fact about you.  Also, please post a simple photo of yourself, so we can always come back to this and associate your name with your face and introduction.  Again, the blog will just be for our class and I will adjust the privacy and search settings.
--In the next paragraph, respond to the reading in The House on Mango Street so far.  What theme or idea stood out to you in these first chapters?  Where did you feel the writing as at its best?  Share your observations.

--When you are finished, publish your post, and then read other posts on the blog and write Comments to two other people in the class.  Try to respond to something specific, or add to or connect to something that has been written.  This isn’t Facebook where you just Like things or put smiley faces.  In blogging, try to actually have a little conversation through the use of your Comments.

My wife Irene and I in Florida, 2016.


  1. I am very new to blogging other than facebook and the old myspace account that these days has disappeared. I hope to do well with blogging and figure it out fast. I know there was a discrepancy as to having google plus and not being visible to others in the community and I hope I fixed that issue. As for your blog I had a question or two as to you raising your heritage pigs. Is Thomas Jefferson in your blood line? What made your wife and yourself decide to take on heritage pigs?

    1. Jeremy, I think we will have fun with this blog and that's my hope and goal. I am not related whatsoever to Jefferson as my family only immigrated to the US in the 1880s from Norway, but I have a keen interest in history and Jefferson especially as he believed that if people had their own businesses and farms and crafts, that people would keep thinking for themselves and be better citizens. I agree! We mainly were interested in heritage breeds because they are so versatile and do not have rooting, digging, good mothering and more bred out of them. We love to use the pigs for all they can do and let them do a lot of work tilling soil for us and especially clearing pasture of thistles and blackberries, which are tough to get rid of otherwise if you don't want to use chemicals. Thanks for writing!


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