Thursday, January 26, 2017

Journal 3 by Ben

My favorite chapter from " The House on Mango Street" would probably have to be Our Good Day. I would pick this because this is really the first chapter where she goes into descriptive detail with "real" friends since she started the book. And to me in the chapter they seem to have a good time together. " Down, down Mango Street we go. Rachel, Lucy, me. Our new bicycle. Laughing the crooked ride back. " That sentence to me just show to fun and friendship she found.

My biggest role model is probably my grandfather. My grandparents live just a couple houses down so I just go and visit whenever. He is a genuinely great person to chat with about anything. And he'll tell it to you straight. We'll sit out on his back porch swing for hours at time, and not even realize it sometimes. He has this way of making everybody feel welcome.


  1. My grandpa has always been a great role model to me as well! Ive learned a lot from my grandpa. Its always great to have a good relationship with your grandparents!

  2. My grandparents also live very close to me! It is really great to have them just a few houses away.

  3. I also really like this chapter. This is one of the happier stories throughout this book. Most everything that we have read in this book have been either sad or depressing. This was a good change of movement in the book, and I really liked it.


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