Thursday, January 12, 2017

Journal Two by Matt

                I am Matt Hall. I’m from Powell, Ohio and I am studying to become an engineer. Like I had said before I was training to become a piolet, but I later changed my mind because I dint have enough time to invest into it. What I later found out from talking to piolets was that even when you get your license, you have to always be working to keep it. In other words you have to fly a certain amount of hours in a certain period of time, or you could potentially lose your license. Learning this drove me away from it, but I still want to pick it up later in my life where I have more time. Another thing you might not know about me was that I love to work on cars. Ever since I turned sixteen, cars have been my life, I have owned 4 different cars and I truly enjoy buying them cheap working on them and selling them for a profit.
This is me after a Tough Mudder I did this fall

                In The House On Mango street we read the first few chapters and this introduced us to most the characters and part of the main idea. While and after the reading, I found the main idea or the theme of the book to be that it doesn't matter where you come from, everyone has a chance to make it in this world. I felt the reading stood out the best when, the main character Esperanza talked how and who she got her named from. She talked about how her grandma was strong like a wild horse. She talked about how her grandma didn't want to get married and that her grandpa forced her to. This is a powerful moment in the book when she is talking about her grandma. The author uses several forms of metaphors and similes to talk about her grandma and i thought that this was the main theme or idea of these first few chapters.


  1. I can agree with you on the part about the book, I feel as though she got her name from her grandmother but wanted everyone to see her name as a different meaning then what her grandmother had it out to be for her. Her grandma seemed wild and Esperanza seems like the opposite and more calm and lonely.

  2. I think you are on to something when with your mention about the main theme of the book. It is a very powerful point in the first section of reading.

  3. Matt , I would like to say I love cars and buying cars and tearing apart and fixing them. Its so much fun to me to figure out how difffent types of cars work and whats unique about them

  4. I never really had an appreciation for cars until I started working at the Honda dealership in Marysville, Ohio. My very first day on the job the owner of the dealership just casually had his brand new NSX parked right inside the service lane so that pretty much kickstarted it.


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