Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Journal 3: Monica!

My favorite chapter from "The house on Mango Street" was "Our Good Day". This story really stands out to me because she is desperate for a friend. She will do whatever it takes for somebody to be a friend to her, know matter the cost. "If you give me five dollars I will be your friend forever". I think this story is at it's best when they are telling Esperanza where they are from. "We come from Texas, Lucy says and grins. Her was born here, but me I'm Texas". When I was younger and in elementary school, I had know friends either. There was these to girl's I wanted to be friends with so bad and would do anything to be their friend. I gave them my lunch money everyday, which was seven dollars a week, just to be my friend. I was the happiest kid in school. (Cisneros 14-15)

When I was younger, I would say my older sister Molly had the biggest influence in my life. As she was older than I, she was the girl that always was getting in trouble. Always fighting with all the other kids in the neighborhood, mostly boys. Getting sent home from school for beating kids up. I learned she did that because she was bullied. This affected my behavior by, if people was mean to me. be mean to back to them. She became very protected over me really fast. When people were mean to me, my sister would always handle it. I didn't have to worry about anyone bulling me until middle school. I learned to stand up for myself and become stronger. (Role Models)


  1. I use to do the same thing in elementary school! With my sister, it was the opposite. She was younger but she always stood up for herself and she was protective over me (hah). I was never very aggressive.

  2. I' am right there with you I was the bad kid too. That chapter was one of my favorites to.


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