Monday, January 16, 2017

Journal two from Ciara

Hello my name is Ciara. My major is Biology and when I graduate I plan to be a pharmacist. I am the second oldest of four kids but I am the undisputed favorite child. This may be hard to believe but I was voted the class clown and the also the loudest my senior year of high school, it may have been my obnoxious laugh but we’re not going to talk about that. I like to hang out with my friend Kaylee and try to become internet famous. I dedicate three days of my week to watching CSI: Miami. Christine Sydelko and Rickey Thompson are my spirit animals. I am literally so obsessed with Pugs for no apparent reason.
This is me and my pug Pierre, he only likes me when I have food

In The House on Mango Street I feel like I can relate to the different messages presented in the first few chapters. But the idea that stood out the most was in the second chapter when Esperanza talked about her hair not doing what she wants it to. When I was younger I always hated how oddly curled my hair was compared to the rest of my family's because whenever I tried a new style it never looked the way I wanted it too. Growing up with mixed hair kind of sucked because your hair is a weird combination of both your ethnic backgrounds. The writing style of the House on Mango Street reminds me of my mind because whatever grabs my attention I will write or talk about.


  1. I also feel like I relate to the first few chapters. My hair never does what I want either, having mixed hair is the struggle.

  2. Your doggy is very cute and fluffy !


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