Monday, January 16, 2017

Journal Two from Cole Fortner

     Hello, my name is Cole Fortner and I am 19 years old. I grew up in the small town of Bucyrus, Ohio and have lived there my entire life with my mother and two younger brothers. I recently graduated from Wynford High School, and am in my first year at Ohio State. I plan on moving onto main campus next fall to continue my studies in Columbus and pursue a degree in Accounting.

My friend and I at Santa Rosa Beach in Florida (I am on right)

   After reading the first few chapters of The House on Mango Street, I was able to establish some of the characters and the idea of the story. I believe the theme of this story is that some situations are what you make of it. This family seems to struggle in a run down house. I think this story is trying to show that you must stay positive in hard times, because they will always come to an end. There are many times where I found the writing to be at its best. The author gets very descriptive at times, for example, when the narrator describes the many types of hair in the family.


  1. Cole, good close reading and you will see this theme of trying to make the best of things (sometimes succeeding and sometimes not) a lot as we explore the life and neighborhood. I like the chapter on hair as well and it starts to show us the variety in the family. I especially like how we start to get a picture of who the dad is: hardworking and struggling, but a tough cookie.

  2. Cole ! whats up man ! anyways just wanted to say that accounting is something that interests me and could possibly be my major too. Glad to see you want to be in the accounting world !


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