Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Kaylee Vance
English 1109 10;30 AM
Journal 3
My favorite chapter so far is "Marin". I do not know why exactly, but I just think it was written well and described her perfectly. In the chapter it states "And since Marin's skirts are shorter and since her eyes are pretty, and since Marin is already older than us in many ways, the boys who do pass by say stupid things like I am in love with those green eyes, give them to me why don't you" (Cisneros 27). This is one of my favorite quotes in this chapter, because it reminds me of myself when I was younger. When I was younger I always wanted to be like the older girls and I always wanted to know what it felt like to be a teenage girl and do the things teenage girls do and the quote really reminds me of something I would have thought when I was younger. The chapter also gives a great description about Marin and it lead me to believe that she may be a "hopeless romantic" which could be interesting in a sense. 
Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, closeup     I would say my biggest influence at that age would have been Ciara. When we became friends my personality definitely was brought out to the fullest of it's extent. We both found out things we liked and it shaped who we are today. Also Ciara's influence on my life when I was younger made me become a less shy person. I use to overly shy and almost to insecure to talk to people believe it or not, and Ciara was always VERY loud and it showed me that I could be a little more talkative and everything would still be okay. I would say Ciara has me beat in the "loud" aspect, but I have found a balance between my shyness and my outgoing self that I am comfortable with. Ciara has always been fun to be around and is a great person to rant to and especially get advice from. Of course I argue with Ciara more than anyone else, but we are both just very opinionated people, but we usually agree on things.     


  1. I could relate to the chapter "Marin" as well. I remember looking up to the girls who used to get all the boys and dressed a little revealing. You think they are so cool, but its funny how that changes when you get older. I had no idea you and Ciara go way back, that is really cool!

  2. I really like that quote as well from the story, I can relate as well, when I was younger my sister being older than I, she was prettier as well and very boy I liked, liked her): but I got over that. I was also shy like you, I as well have over come that. its amazing you still have a bestfriend that your now in college with.


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