Thursday, January 12, 2017

Journal 2 from Kaylee

Kaylee Vance
English 1109.01 10:30 AM
Journal 2 English 1109

This is my first semester at OSU Marion. I am an education major and I plan to pursue a career as a second grade teacher. I use to play basketball and run track in high school and I enjoyed both a lot. I like to be active, usually. I enjoy hanging out with my friend Ciara and getting pizza every weekend. I am really into music and enjoy rap mostly and figuring out what a rapper means by his lyrics or if its a metaphor for something else. I also love to relate the music to my life. My favorite rappers are Drake and Future.  I am the oldest of four siblings and I have a good relationship with all of them. I also have a dog named Abby and she is a handful, but she's really cute. I hang out with my boyfriend everyday and we love to try to new things (food, movies, places, etc.). We are currently in the process of remodeling our new home in Marysville. 
       In the reading I related a lot to the part about moving around a lot. I understood moving around a lot because my family and I would move around a lot for years due to jobs or something else. I also to relate to her relationship with her siblings, for the longest time I never understood how siblings could be "friends" or how my aunt and my mom got to the point where they would hang out all the time and actually talk nicely to each other. Now that I am older I understand it more, but being at a young age it was almost unbelievable. I also relate to Esperanza not liking her name to much or having a meaning behind it that doesn't please her. My real name is Kathryn, but I do not enjoy going by Kathryn and I like going by Kaylee. There isn't a necessarily "bad" meaning behind my name it's just that every first born daughter in our family has to have the name Kathryn, so in that case so many girls in my family have had the name Kathryn in cooperated in their name some how its not original and I would rather my name just be Kaylee considering that's what everyone has always called me since day 1.
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  1. Basketball is my favorite sport as well and this is also my first semester in college. I wish you the best of luck with your house and career moving forward just stay positive and motivated.

  2. I use to move to around a lot too and up until recently I never stayed in the same house for more than a year. I also have four siblings and we fight everyday. Abby is my god dog so I have nothing bad to say about her.


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