Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Journal 3 from Brandi

My favorite chapter in the House On Mango Street was Gil's Furniture  Bought & Sold. I felt like I could really relate to this chapter, because I do love shopping at thrift stores and finding unique items you normally cant find in Stores. In this chapter Esperanza and Nenny found a music box that they had to have but it was not for sale. When they played the music box Cisneros described it as "million moths all over the dusty furniture and swan-neck shadows and in our bones. It's like drops of water. Or like marimbas only with a funny little plucked sound to it like if you were running your fingers across the teeth of a metal comb" (Cisneros 20) . I really like the unique and creative way Cisneros described the music box and I felt like writing was at its best in this chapter, she really nailed it! This chapter shows that some things have more personal value then money can buy.

 Even to this day my cousin Jessika and I are still very close and we still spend a lot of time together.  She is a little older then me so naturally she was a big influence in my life. When we were in our adolescent age Jessika had less rules at her house so that became our normal hang out spot. Jessika was allowed to talk back and argue with her parents. With her strong as an ox personality she was able to rule the roost at her house.  When I came back home I would normally have an attitude and try to talk back to my mom. when I did that I would get a quick attitude adjustment and it didn't take me long to realize that behavior was not allowed at my house.


  1. That's exactly how my cousin and I have always been too. She's a little younger than me, but she definitely had a mouth.

  2. it was the same exact thing for me. My friend live right down the road and his parents were not as strict in the way that he spoke to them. Naturally I adapted this type of speaking when I was over, but believe me my parents didn't let it fly at home.


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