Wednesday, January 25, 2017

              Chelsea Makowski

                                    Journal 3

For Journal 3 we have to pick ou a chapter that stands out to us the most one that stands out to me is the chapter called Marin. The reason this stands out to me so much is this reminds me of my life growing up. The way that you find love and want to move away from the bad neighborhood that you are in I can relate to that alot. What stood out to me a lot is in a neighborhood like this you want to look good and get all the guys attention cause one day one might come and take you away.The way Marine said " What matters is for the boys to see us and for us to see them".  The way that Marine carries her self i repect that even tho she is given all these complements she acts like it is nothing. Marine tells the younger girls things that their family most likly doesnt want them to know like how babies are made. The part in this chapter that is a vary unique way of saying that if you get a good job you get nice cloths and you can meet someone in the subway get married and taken to a big house. I get the feeling that she really wants out of the neighborhod she is in and even if it means marrying for money.

My older cousin Rachel had a huge influence on me at this age because she was older and she would always tell me things that i was probably to young to know. One thing she did a lot is show me how to use make-up and dress showing a lot of skin cause that's how it was in the neighborhood that we lived. She showed me how to shop lift from gas stations and how to get things I wanted, she was a great friend but not a great influence. I found my self acting like her and talking like her. Not respectful and just rude to adults and every one else if i didn't get my way. As we went separate ways when i got older cause i realized that's not how I wanted to act growing up. Once I left and grew up she is still doing what she was when we were kids.

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  1. To learn at an early age of things we are said we are to young to know is an opinion. My opinion is that if we are not sheltered from the things said to be too young, then we are able to make better conscious decisions in life later.


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