Friday, January 13, 2017

Journal Entry 2 from Brandi Ervin

I'm Brandi and I'm 28 years old and I have two little girls. I'm studying Early Childhood Education and this is my first semester. I enjoy re-purposing old furniture and the coolest thing I have re-purpose was a old entertainment stand and I turned it into a doll house for my little girls.  I also love to practice yoga, enjoy hiking trails, and go to different bike trails with my daughters. I have recently learned how to shoot a compound bow and cross bow and went out deer hunting for the first time this year.

In class we are reading The House on Mango Street. So far I really like it! I think she is very artistic and creative with her words, and you can still understand it and feel what she is saying. What stood out to me is something that I can strongly relate to is Esperanza desperately wanting a house that she can call her own and be proud of. She just isn't content with her living patterns. I think the writing was the chapter that I highlighted "my name". I really liked how she got creative with her metaphors, so creative you could picture what she was saying.


  1. Brandi, it is so cool that you break a lot of gender stereotypes by learning to hunt and use a bow. I don't hunt much as my time is so limited as a teacher and farmer, but if I did I would try to use a bow as well as I've always enjoyed archery and have a recurve. I also like the fresh and original metaphors that Cisneros is so talented with. Good observation and thanks for your post!

  2. I am also currently learning how to use a bow and arrow! My dad is teaching me and he's suppose to take me out deer hunting this season too. After I master the compound bow, I plan on learning cross bow next! Maybe you could give me a few pointers.

  3. I love to bow hunt I have done that all my life I learned to shoot a bow before learning to use a gun. I have a daughter I cant imagine dealing with more than one girl their crazy.


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