Thursday, January 26, 2017

Journal 3 By Danielle

My favoite chapter or story from the book A Long Way Gone is when they are captured by the Rebels and Beah makes the statement, "I used the only freedom I had then, my thought".  I think this statement is very powerful because it makes you realize, they had no freedom or no way out of the circumstances they were in.  But, no matter what you are going through you still have your own thoughts and the ability to think whatever you want and no one can take that away from you.

When I was growing up, we never spent much time with relatives.  I was very lucky though to be able to go spend summers with my grandparents.  They lived on a quiet dirt road in the middle of nowhere and owned a farm.  They didn't have television and we spent the all day outside.  From the time we got up to the time we went to bed working on the farm and in the gardens.  My grandma was a very little, happy woman.  She worked very hard but always had a smile on her face and was friendly to everyone she met.  I learned a lot of values on those summers about hard work, family, and how to do it all with love and happiness.

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  1. very well said to the quote you found in the 3rd chapter, as it is a good book so far, what's your favorite story for the other book so far? and family means a lot, I can relate a little bit on that level with you, I wasn't around mine a lot as well but when I did get to spend time with my grandmother it was very special and I learned a lot from her.


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